11 Music Festival Style Must-Haves

Syros Lace Up TopMusic festival season is upon us which can only mean one thing… Music festival style! Whether you’re going to Coachella or Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo or Gov Ball, you want to be as comfortable and stylish as possible so you can enjoy the most important aspect of a music festival: the live music! We here at Goldmorning got you covered in the style department, so sit back, relax, and feel inspired!

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Giving back to you and you.

w1Hello, hello! I wanted to show you guys a few new pieces from my shop! (Goldmorning) I linked each photo directly the specific items page to make finding more info easier. There is SO much NEW this year that I am really excited about. I’m working hard at putting everything together while living my day to day family life, and I will be revealing some big news around the end of March! Running three businesses is HARD work, but I love it so much.

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Goldmorning Shop Visits NY

I’m currently in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY for work and will be here for about a week more. I have been away from home for nearly three months save for a short, week long break in between – but I’ll save all of that for a different post! While in New York my husband and myself photographed the latest Goldmorning Shop collection and are shooting a wedding on Sunday.  Today’s post will be just a quick one to share some of the looks I wore while here in NY. All of the clothing is from my shop which now has an online store! Click here >  Goldmorning Shop

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West Coast Trail

Thoughts and experience on the West Coast Trail to be shared! I’m going to talk about my experience and what I packed, for any of those ladies who are planning on a multi-day hike! Tips & pictures coming up! For now, here is a video that does not do the beauty of the trail much justice. Out of the 75 kilometers this is a mere peek with the most beautiful sights not included.

Punta Cana!

Hello dear readers of this blog! I won’t say I’ve been away a while because this is just becoming the norm, right? I have so much I want to blog about but the days just get away from me. The entire month of May my husband and I were away for work (Wilhelmina Weddings). We traveled from Florida to Alberta (Houston for a DAY) to the Dominican Republic & New York. We are finally settling into normal life… for now.

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I love all types of swimwear, but I especially love a good one-piece. One-piece swim suits are classic. They never go out of style and can be sexy at any age, shape or size. I was in the locker room at my gym and noticed a woman in her about 60’s wearing a beautifully patterned and cut one piece and I couldn’t help but tell her how amazing she looked. The suit was flattering, age appropriate (for anyone really) and still sexy without being either trashy or fuddy-duddy! I noted to myself to mention her on this post, so there you have it! I’m going to share some personal shopping of my favorite one piece suits from $50 – 250 dollar price points, give you a few pointers on where to get them, and provide some one piece selection tips!onepiece

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Wedding Part Two!

ekkelenkamps-27Happy almost Valentines Day! I saved this post just for that 🙂 Being that my husband and I are both photographers and it’s the main reason why we started up a conversation in the first place, we had discussed photographing one another  on our wedding day. The images of me were taken by Alex and the images of Alex were taken by me! I’m glad we followed through with it. Thanks to my best friend Sara for helping me get ready and move my dress around! Love you! Although blogging makes it easy to share photos with family and friends, I’m not simply posting these photos for posting sake! I wanted to talk about a few tips and tricks I used on my wedding day that could possibly help someone else planning their big day. I realize that I’m doing this a bit backwards, so for reference, check out my first wedding post for visuals >>here<< I’ll be writing throughout this post.

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Key West, work & play but mostly work.

KEYSMy husband and I were in Key West this weekend to shoot a wedding (Wilhelmina Weddings), and the rehearsal dinner the night before. This is my second time to Key West and not my last. We have another wedding there coming up later in the year! It was, however, my husbands first time.  I have to admit that I wasn’t as impressed with Key West my first visit as I was this time around. I think it had to do with the weather, our schedule, but most of all the company. Happiness is certainly better shared.

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DAY TEN!! Slow cooked, Braised, Vino Short Ribs.

It’s day TEN! I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’m not going anywhere after this and will still be blogging quite often, but it will feel less like homework without a deadline which will be nice. One of the big perks of both my husband and I freelancing is we get to do a lot together; our current favorite is using our slow cooker! Slow cookers are great. I mean really great. This is the second meal Alex and I have made this week with ours, and both have been mouth watering good. Thank you to our sister Hannah for this gift. We are REALLY enjoying it. Here is the basic version we have: here. The con of a slow cooker: You have to start early and basically make breakfast while preparing dinner simultaneously. The pro of a slow cooker, dinner isn’t a thought 6-8 hours later. Hot and ready.MomandDad-5

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