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As some of you may already know, my husband is a photographer, and while we sometimes together, we also work other gigs independently. However, even on the jobs we book separately, we are always assisting one another. After getting married, life has been a WHIRLWIND. Two years have flown by and we have never been so busy in our entire lives. My husband has finally gotten the chance to re-launch and rebrand his personal website and I couldn’t be more proud! He’s extremely talented and I’m happy people can have a better look into that talent apart from our work together. You’ll be able to see his interior, lifestyle and personal work. He will be adding to each gallery over time, but for now the “soft” launch has taken place with the first gallery on display being Dira.

Here are some photos he shot for Dira Home Furnishing’s section, and Dira Decor by Grace Borgeson…Dira’s products are handcrafted in Africa, and support communities and livelihoods in the areas in which they’re made.

These photos were shot in Grace’s own home. Her style is current yet isn’t trendy, and her design is intriguing and eye catching. She uses weighty pieces and bold statement pieces throughout the house. Her use of natural tones allows her the freedom change things up and build around classic pieces. When I view her designs they have a strong presence; confidence, elegance and a unique vision are all very apparent in her home. The rooms are mature but don’t give you the feeling like everything is taken too seriously. Grace’s love for South Africa shows in her design with pieces by

“Identifying and distributing unique, beautifully designed, handcrafted products that have the potential to provide a steady income through which these communities might improve their conditions.”

To take a look at some more of my husbands personal work, check out his website:  // To see more products by Dira or inquire about Dira Decor,  see

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