DAY THREE: Beauty! Products worth blogging for.

Day3Before beginning this post, I wanted to stress that above using beauty products, drinking WATER is key. There’s no use applying fancy make-up on dry skin & lips. If you want to use less make-up and have it appear more natural, let water be your base. I found I’m able to drink a lot more than normal after purchasing a pretty bottle (yeah so, I’m a girl.) It helps you keep track of how much you’re consuming, and just makes you overall more aware in regards to hydration. I’m going to jump right in and discuss all of the products in the above photograph and write about why I think they are worth sharing! Day3-4 I’ll start off with Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I prefer liquid foundation over powder for a couple reasons. The first is powder tends to dry my skin out which then has my skin trying to compensate, which leaves me looking like an oil slick. I personally don’t find powder flattering, especially for more mature skin. Unlike liquid, powder sinks into the lines of your skin, sometimes emphasizing wrinkles and other imperfections. Liquid foundation, on the other hand, has flexibility. If you’re afraid to use liquid because of “cake face” or a mismatch in colour between your face and your neck. Or perhaps you’ve noticed facial baby hairs covered in makeup and glaring in the sun. Well I have great news! Liquid foundation has come a LONG way, some brands are even lighter than powder and thankfully foundations have trended towards thinner and lighter – a natural “skin” feel. The more natural looking the better. It’s fantastic! Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation is that. I use a tiny tiny drop. I start on the center of my face, blending outward. I have wanted to try this foundation for so long but couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge due to its steep price. However, one day I was in the mall and finally bought it. Well, I have to say, it was well worth it! It’s lighter than any of my previous “skin” labeled foundations and although it’s a smaller bottle, a little bit goes a long way. You won’t be able to tell you’re wearing any make-up, and it makes you look more bright and awake by evening your skin tone. It’s a light coverage. Clearly I love this product. I can go on, but I think you get the gist of it. I’m a sucker for clean, simple, well packaged merchandise, and this certainly does it for me. Day3-3Amazing Concealer. A little bit of this concealer goes a longggggggg way. Buy one small tube and you’ll be set for a very long while. It covers intensely without looking cake-y. I discovered this concealer about four years ago and have not cared to switch or try another since. I’ve found the perfect one, no need to look elsewhere! It lives up to it’s name!

Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara. I cannot bring myself to spend a whole lot on mascara being that it’s not sanitary to keep a tube for more than two months. I prefer to buy cheap and toss often. I personally feel that after about ten uses of mascara, it never applies quite the same. Full and Soft mascara separates your lashes and leaves them soft to the touch. No crunch, no flakes, no spider lashes. It’s a very natural yet noticeable difference. It’s been my favorite ever since they discontinued Boujouis.

Make-up Forever Eyebrow Pencil. Make-up Forever is a great brand. The amount of pigment is ideal for filling your eyebrows. It isn’t too intense. It’s on the firm side, which I prefer in an eyebrow pencil. It’s long lasting and very natural looking. Their light brown shades are less warm and more cool toned.Day3-2Nars Audacious lipstick. According to the lady behind the Nars counter in Nordstrom, this is an “award winning lipstick,” haha. It’s highly pigmented and seriously BOLD. Just one swipe will do ya good and it’s long lasting. Creamy and comfortable wear. The line is gorgeous, and the packaging is sleek and simple. Love the magnet top. Day3-5Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Press Powder (Oil-Free). I was in search of a basic powder to have in my purse for when things get a little too dewy. I can’t exactly pull out a blue sheet and start patting my face in all situations. I tried Clinique’s and I really like it. I like the sponge it comes with rather than the fuzzy-like pads that many other brands include. It blends nicely and is mattifying without looking chalky.

Becca Beach Tint. This is a two-in-one: “a cream stain that tints lips and cheeks with a natural wash of colour.” I forgot I had this stuff, but recently rediscovered it. I love the silky texture. It’s matte and yet the most tiny amount spread very well, it’s pretty impressive. Feels light on your lips, and is paraben free.

Benefit Cosmetics, The POREfessional. I received this as a free sample and I’ve been going on just that for quite some time now. However I don’t like to use a lot of anything so if you like to wear your makeup more heavy don’t go by what I’m saying! I’ll sometimes use this under my foundation on my T-zones on special occasions when I know I’ll be out for a while. It really does make your foundation look flawless and minimizes the appearance of pores. AND it feels nice going on.

Stilla Convertible Color Cream Blush. What I love about this blush the most is the colour. My personal choice is Peony. It’s very soft looking, and even though it’s a cream base, I still apply it with a blush brush. Don’t dip too hard! You will look like a clown! And like the unplanned theme of this post, a little bit goes a long way! I’m a fan of creme blushes because of the dewy youthful look they give. This can also be used as a lipstick, but I haven’t experimented with that.

Urban Decay Naked 1, 2 & 3 Palette! I have recently got into wearing eyeshadow. Once wanting nothing to do with it, I now can’t stop trying it! I have heard so much hype about these palettes and after experiencing it I can really see why. Naked’s colour palettes are genius and their product is quality. Normally with larger palettes like this you wind up sticking to two favorite colours but I find myself having trouble deciding which one to try next. That I think is a notable accomplishment by Urban Decay. I get it now. I can see why people pre-order these things!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 6.34.22 PMClean and clear oil blotting sheets. There’s nothing new about these sheets, I’m sure you all know of them and even have a pack in your purse right now! Out of all of the blotting sheets tried, these are the best! I love the dispenser and how effective the sheets are. Another benefit is that texture of these papers; instead of crinkling and making noise like regular paper, they are very quiet and discreet. I like knowing these are in my purse.

Tips & Tools

After filling your brows, try using these Dentek Brushes to comb them through. They work lovely!

Dampen a wedge cosmetic sponge before foundation application. This will help you save product by preventing it all from being absorbed into the sponge and in my opinion spreads the foundation nicer.Day3-6Press Play!

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