Byron Bay Dress

ByronBayD-1Hello! It’s me, Beulah here. Not only do I love the Byron Bay Dress, but I love the morning we photographed it equally. I can’t believe I get to live this close to the ocean. Its beauty never ceases to amaze me. I love this dress because it’s comfortable and effortless. I tied the belt into a bow in the back for a kimono look, however it’s not pictured here. I really enjoy the quality and detail of this dress.  Super feminine and flowy. I’ve made a point to try and find unique pieces that make women feel like they are wearing a $400 dress from (Insert brand name here) but in actuality you spent a small fraction of that price and can now save your pennies OR buy multiple pieces rather than one. While I do appreciate some brands, I’ve never been hung up on them. If the quality is up to standard and I like the way it looks, I don’t care where it’s purchased from. People will still ask if a piece is from a brand name store and I’ve always enjoyed saying “No! it’s from HERE and it was only $48!” Or whatever price.. I shopped like this personally before I owned the store and now I get to shop for all of you guys and share the wealth. So don’t get hung up, just collect what you like. Here are some more photos of the Byron Bay Dress from Goldmorning.

Beauty Tip: This Becca Beach Lip Tint is amazing!! Way better than matte lipsticks. So much more natural looking and feels better on your lips. It smells good too! I’ve mentioned it on my blog before, but it deserves another mention. I don’t know why I haven’t been wearing this everyday!ByronBayD-2 ByronBayD-3 ByronBayD-4 ByronBayD-5 ByronBayD-7Byron Bay Dress $99 from Goldmorning Online Shop 

Music: So I’ve been saving this song to make my next video and have been holding onto it for a year now. I feel like it goes with this dress and Sunset so I guessssssss I’ll use it here, and still for a future film!(Don’t steal it!! Come on!!) I’m crazy for it. Enjoy!


  1. Sabrina June 29, 2016

    Gorgeous Beaulah! Love what you are doing with old morning and your shop! I’m starting to get in the saddle more now too! Hope things are great for you both!


    • Beulah Ekkelenkamp September 6, 2016

      So sweet! Thank you Sabrina! Means a lot. You’ve been in the saddle! Your blog and photos look amazing. I love it.


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