Cassidy Roney

 These are a few photos from a shoot I did with Cassidy Roney. I’m a big fan of Cassidy; she’s hilarious,  smart and has such an amazing style.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the obvious – she is insanely beautiful. It’s been a while since I’ve had a shoot with just the model and myself. Most of my recent shoots have a had a bigger crew (assistant, hair, MUA) so it was cool to go back and strip it down to how I started – just me and the model driving around and hanging out while shooting. I find it easier to connect. I forgot how nice it was to relax, have no where to be, and have nothing to do but take photos. To me, it’s a much nicer experience, however the help is appreciated and needed at times with a bigger production. Go follow Cassidy on Instagram! @CassidyRoney.

CASSNEW-1 copyCASS3 Credits: Model Cassidy Roney // Clothing Goldmorning // Lizzy Cardigan $52 // Gigi Maxi $98 // Madison Sleeveless Sweater $64 // Shredded Skinny Denim $56 // Photography by Beulah.


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      Thank you so much!


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