Slippa // Ohana

I love sharing things that I enjoy and things that add value/enjoyment to my life. It sounds silly saying that about a beach towel, but beautiful and pretty little things add an abundant amount of joy to my life. Probably because I’m a visual person, but the most simple thing can give me that full satisfied and grateful feeling. I love the beach, especially on the west coast of Florida, the right beach accessories are just a cherry on the cake. I reached out to Slippa because I wanted to write about their awesome towels after purchasing my first one. I had been wanting a round beach towel and my options were A) Spending over $100 on a beach towel, or settling for a low quality version with a less than great print that doesn’t actually function like a good beach towel.

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Olivia Bowen Bridal // Made With Love Bridal

These are some photos from a quick collab I did with Olivia Bowen Bridal’s Made With Love gowns. I modeled the gown and my husband was the photographer. Florida Brides, check out Sierra’s beautiful bridal shop. She’s by appointment and gives you her undivided attention. She’s laid back, knows her stuff and isn’t stuck up. She’s also hilarious and has amazing taste! Hands down the best Bridal Boutique in Brevard with options for a variety of styles and budget. Take me back in time so I could buy my dress from Olivia Bowen Bridal! No this isn’t a sponsored post! I truly love and believe in the place!

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Alexander Thomas // Dira

As some of you may already know, my husband is a photographer, and while we work together on weddings, we also work other gigs independently. However, even on the jobs we book separately, we are always assisting one another. After getting married, life has been a WHIRLWIND. Two years have flown by and we have never been so busy in our entire lives. My husband has finally gotten the chance to re-launch and rebrand his personal website and I couldn’t be more proud! He’s extremely talented and I’m happy people can have a better look into that talent apart from our work together. You’ll be able to see his interior, lifestyle and personal work. He will be adding to each gallery over time, but for now the “soft” launch has taken place with the first gallery on display being Dira.

Here are some photos he shot for Dira Home Furnishing’s section, and Dira Decor by Grace Borgeson…

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Florida’s Winter

Here are just a few photos my husband took with his cellphone after work. I’m wearing the Rylie One-piece (new on my site!) There are a few trends I’m REALLY happy to see making a full circle, and the thigh high cut is one of them. In my opinion it’s super flattering and makes your legs look extremely long. I say “in my opinion” because my husband prefers the low-rise look (but he DID confessed that he was a fan of this one!) Anyway,  I actually had fun taking these photos. I’m a perfectionist, and as satisfying as it is putting things neatly together, it can also be exhausting at times. I skipped the hair and make-up and caring for these photos. I even skipped the professional camera and tweaking. I plan on taking that attitude into the new year; to just give less of a dang. Click here to shop the Rylie One-Piece on P.S The straps are adjustable on this suit!

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Cassidy Roney

 These are a few photos from a shoot I did with Cassidy Roney. I’m a big fan of Cassidy; she’s hilarious,  smart and has such an amazing style.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the obvious – she is insanely beautiful. It’s been a while since I’ve had a shoot with just the model and myself. Most of my recent shoots have a had a bigger crew (assistant, hair, MUA) so it was cool to go back and strip it down to how I started – just me and the model driving around and hanging out while shooting. I find it easier to connect. I forgot how nice it was to relax, have no where to be, and have nothing to do but take photos. To me, it’s a much nicer experience, however the help is appreciated and needed at times with a bigger production. Go follow Cassidy on Instagram! @CassidyRoney.

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From the City to the Sea

Hey Everyone! My name is Beulah and I am the owner of I know there are some who follow this blog and know the basics, but with the recent growth of the shop, I just thought I would take the time to share a little bit about myself and the background of Goldmorning. Some more information for those of you who are new here, or often shop with us but perhaps wanted to know a little more! I often receive questions about how I started my shop, so I figured I would dedicate a blog post to it!

Goldmorning is an online store. We carry women’s clothing that’s affordable, but in doing so, I don’t  sacrifice in style, fit or quality while curating the selection. The shop is run by myself, my husband, and our most recent part time employee, Alicia (love her!) The shop wouldn’t be where it is now without the help of my husband.  He is behind the scenes helping me pack, take photos, shoot video and much MUCH more. He supports me in all that I do.  Alicia has been an employee for about a week now and she’s amazing! She is currently helping us input new styles into the website as they come in and will soon be taking on some more responsibilities as she grows with us.

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Kristene DiMarco + Stephanie Soh + Goldmorning

Stephanie Soh-5449I didn’t discover Kristene’s beautiful vocal chords until a few weeks ago when I saw her live. I stood next to my husband as we both agreed on what a rich beautiful voice she has. The song “Take Courage” spoke directly into our lives at that moment in time. I have heard it in my mind daily since. “He is in the waiting”. I couldn’t need that statement in my mind more right now.

Turns out, not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she has great style, a beautiful home, and a beautiful family. (See her instagram: @kristenedimarco) I love these photos her good friend Stephanie Soh took of her in her Goldmorning gear. Stephanie is such a talented photographer, and you can see more of her work here: Stephanie Soh, and follow her on Instagram here: @stephstephsoh Thank you for these beautiful images Steph! and for being so kind.

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Goldmorning Shop Visits NY

I’m currently in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY for work and will be here for about a week more. I have been away from home for nearly three months save for a short, week long break in between – but I’ll save all of that for a different post! While in New York my husband and myself photographed the latest Goldmorning Shop collection and are shooting a wedding on Sunday.  Today’s post will be just a quick one to share some of the looks I wore while here in NY. All of the clothing is from my shop which now has an online store! Click here >  Goldmorning Shop

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Punta Cana!

Hello dear readers of this blog! I won’t say I’ve been away a while because this is just becoming the norm, right? I have so much I want to blog about but the days just get away from me. The entire month of May my husband and I were away for work (Wilhelmina Weddings). We traveled from Florida to Alberta (Houston for a DAY) to the Dominican Republic & New York. We are finally settling into normal life… for now.

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