DAY EIGHT: Corners of my home, the tree house.

A few corners of our humble starter home. I’ll be uploading a few more pictures as I go. I’ve got just a few more projects to work on until  achieving completion design wise, but I appreciate it for what it is right now. I can’t quite capture the sun when it drenches the place and the cool breeze that fills each room (when it is actually cool outside.) We are surrounded by trees and when the wind blows all you see are branches moving outside the window and the occasional squirrel fight. Sunsets on the couch are my favorite. It’s not perfect but it’s ours. DS-27TreeHouse-3 TreeHouse-2TreeHouse-20TreeHouse-24TreeHouse-16TreeHouse-21          TreeHouse-15 TreeHouse-17 treehouse TreeHouse-19 TreeHouse-22 TreeHouse-23TreeHouse-29treehouse   TreeHouse-28  ekkelenkamphome-20TreeHouse-8TreeHouse-5TreeHouse-9ekkelenkamphome-27TreeHouse-11ekkelenkamphome-34TreeHouse-4 If you want to see how my husband and I made our kitchen table & headboard, check out the DIY category of my blog: here!

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  1. sahoyaref January 28, 2015

    Not perfect? It looks amazing!! WAY better than my house, which I’ve been working on for. . . 8 years now. =P


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