DAY FIVE: Fitness Pt 2

It’s Day five, Part two of Fitness and I’m going to just jump right in… My husband, Alex, downloaded and tried several different workout tracking apps, but settled on Gym Genius as his favorite, and I’ve now adopted it as well. It’s an incredibly useful app, with several different functions, and a very clean and streamlined design. It has the ability to set and track goals (both in body weight, and body fat percentage) and visualizes them in an easy to read graph as you progress. You can enter several different work out plans, for the different days at the gym, and add and subtract exercises on the fly. With a few simple taps, you can see your progression in any given exercise. Sets and reps can be changed to suit your needs, and weight values entered down to 1/4lb increments. You can track your cardio as well, but other apps seem to do this better. Overall though, I’m a big fan of this app, and it’s ability to track my weight lifting routines! I currently have two workouts stored that I use every other day. I do an upper & lower body split one each day, so each gets a rest in-between. I don’t do crazy amounts of cardio other than a 5-10 minute warm up on the elliptical.  If you’re going to start a routine similar as a base, you’ll have to customize and add as much cardio as you wish! I prefer to get my blood pumping in the fresh air, doing some sort of daily outdoor 5The photo above is a photo of a workout that I really enjoy and towards my last rep find my self falling off of the BOSU ball. It works your quadriceps, your core, your hips, bum and shoulders. I’m holding a 4lb medicine ball to start and will slowly increase as I practice more. I do 3 sets of 10. You can always take the medicine ball, twist and turn it in your hands kind of like your steering a car, this time while standing flat on the ground. This works out your shoulders and arms. It burns! But it’s kind of fun. I like to observe a lot of what other people are practicing at the gym and if I see something interesting I’ll give it a go myself to mix it up the daily routine. It keeps things a little bit more interesting. I find stretching for at least twenty minutes prior helps my flexibility a lot but the before or after/when to stretch is debatable. A demonstration just for you guys. An oh-so glamorous wonderful photo of me squatting.Alright! it’s Friday night and I’m off to a date. I hope this post helps! Here is a link to the app in case anyone wants to try it out: Gym Genius (App photo taken from their website)

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  1. Gym Genius March 5, 2015

    Thanks for using our app, we’re glad that you like it!

    • Beulah Ekkelenkamp March 13, 2015

      aw, awesome!!!!! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s really handy and the best of the bunch out there. Thanks so much for the comment!


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