DAY SIX: Fashion

Daysix-6Just blogging about a little fashion, what else is new? Being a lady never goes out of style, so if you dress like one, I don’t think you’ll ever find yourself looking back at old photos thinking “What on earth was I wearing?” I definitely enjoy the excitement of a new trend, how fresh and fun you can feel following it and seeing women look amazing when they really pull them off. However, I will always love and favor a simple classic style in every way – dressy, casual, edgy, girly.

I will continue to blog about fashion over and over, posting a lot of different looks and where I purchased my pieces. Here are some photos of an easy Sunday outfit. Skirt by Forever 21, Shoes by Dolce Vita, Body Suit by American Apparel, Brown Leather clutch by J. Crew. Click the links to take you to each specific item, I’ve done the work for you!Daysix-2About the skirt: I ordered this skirt online which could be very hit or miss, but I had a good feeling about it – you know when you have those? It looked light-weight, silky but not too shiny. I also noticed there was a slit which I quite like on a maxi dress or skirt. It just makes walking and sitting that much easier and you know, who doesn’t love a little peek of leg? 😉 It arrived in the mail and it was EXACTLY how I imagined it! I’m very choosy with what I purchase so it was pretty satisfying. Keep in mind I’m 5’6.5 and this skirt is about ankle length on me, so tall ladies may want to consider that before purchasing.Daysix-4About the bodysuit: I loveeeee this bodysuit!!!! I was searching for the perfect bodysuit, and once again ordered online. As with the skirt, ordering was just as tricky – you never know what the fabric will feel like, how low the cut will be on your chest, if the size runs big or small. Luckily, this body suit was everything I wanted! I like the cut of straps in the back, the height is just where I like it, not too high on my back, and just below my shoulder blades. The neck line is appropriate while still being sexy, and the fabric and seams are very comfortable. I’ve actually been planning on ordering another one, possibly for the gym or the beach, an extra one to throw around that I don’t have to worry about getting dirty, tearing or shrinking. If you’re looking for a basic bodysuit, this is the one!Daysix-3About the shoes: These shoes are comfy, easy to put on and take off and have a rubber sole! No slipping and falling here, ladies! The pump and heel are made of unfinished wood which is pretty neat.

About the Clutch: Can I write an entire essay? I purchased this clutch over a year ago and I’m just as crazy for it. Brown leather will never do you wrong. It’s such high quality and has been worth every penny. My desire for a clutch has been fulfilled and I find myself no longer looking. You can dress it up or down. It’s a classic. Depending on how well you take care of it, you can own this clutch for a very long time. It comes in black as well.
DaysixNote: Location – Island Pasta in downtown Melbourne! Check out their yummy menu and enjoy being served by their friendly staff. this post includes affiliated links.

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