Giving back to you and you.

w1Hello, hello! I wanted to show you guys a few new pieces from my shop! (Goldmorning) I linked each photo directly the specific items page to make finding more info easier. There is SO much NEW this year that I am really excited about. I’m working hard at putting everything together while living my day to day family life, and I will be revealing some big news around the end of March! Running three businesses is HARD work, but I love it so much.

My intentions are to give back to you all for choosing to shop at Goldmorning, so I’m going to share everything from each image – what hair products I used, what make-up I’m wearing and whatever else I feel like sharing with all of you from that day! Anything and everything. There are no limits or rules. Sort of like a one stop shop for looking and feeling great. A catalog that you can interact with.

Like some music for you (Good workout song):
Just so everyone knows, the shop now has a costumer care number that you can also text! I’m super chill with it, I love talking to you guys and helping you. I want everyone to feel really comfortable to ask me any questions or for help if it’s needed. Hope everyone is doing amazing! See you back here soon. Oh P.S All of the shoes I’m wearing in each photo are from the shop. See here. p3 p2 p1 JW-10 g1 b1 smallAll of the make-up listed below is what I’m wearing in the photos and I LOVE it. If you want any info on the make-up, just leave me a comment and I’ll help you out 🙂 The “Too Faced” bronzer is my favorite powder bronzer that I have ever tried because it’s matte and doesn’t have shimmer, making it look very natural. The Buxom Lipstick I’m wearing is called “Two Timer.” Love this colour. It brings life to your face without looking too “made up” you can build the colour up with how you apply it. I wore it a bit more layered on my wedding day. It’s still my favorite lipstick. I know you can’t really see my eyebrows in these photos but NYX brow powder is awesome. So cheap and stays on all day. When it comes to eyebrows, I prefer all powder these days. It doesn’t slime off and it looks effortless. You really don’t have to spend $10 on your eyebrows in my opinion! Josie Maran’s Argan Oil is something I have given praise to many times before. I put it in my hair this day to prevent frizz and condition my hair.

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