No-sew couch cover.

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Hello! Some of you have requested info about the couch covers I’ve been talking about and posting photos of on my instagram. I’m going to answer your questions about it here in this blog post! I found an amazing amazing deal on my current couch that I couldn’t pass up. The down side was that I had truly wanted a light gray or white couch and this one was beeeeeeiiiiiiggeeeeeee. I figured it was neutral so how bad can it be? Well, awful! I hadn’t set out to fill my home with such warm tones, but seeing as the couch was such a massive focal point I felt I had to move in that direction if the decor were to make any sense. Stuff like this can and will drive me crazy; I’m not sure if anyone else out there shares this struggle, but if you are and you’re reading this, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Anyhow! About a week ago I started cutting the warm tones in my house and it helped a little, but still, there it lie – THE BEIGE COUCH, staring at me, bold, fluffy and just THERE. The wheels were turning in my mind for days. The best I could come up with was buying a big linen table cloth to throw over the couch so I purchased fabric online. I thought it could actually look really nice – an organic, draped, linen look. It was difficult to imagine so I crossed my metaphorical fingers and hoped for a styled look rather than a cheap wannabe look. I’m not sure how that story would have ended because my plan changed and I never experimented with simply draping it. While laying in bed one night, I thought of a different way to cover the cushions, making the couch look much more legit. Here’s how:

1) Measure your couch, length and width (start your measurements from the highest points.) Then do some research online and find a table cloth that will blanket over the couch without a problem. If you have one at home already, that works as well. I purchased my base but then used a linen table cloth I already owned for the cushions, so you may want to order two or three depending on your available resources and couch/cushion measurements.  When ordering stay away from polyester if you don’t want it to look cheap. Use thick cotton or linen. Note: Companies call all of their fabrics “Linens” so make sure to check the fabric content. You can also shop at some local stores to see what they have in stock if you have a store close. I noticed Target had some basic white cotton table cloths at a low cost. What stores are around you? Anything in the clearance aisle? Is there anything in your linen closet that is available for you to use? Think about it! Do your best to get the best price and quality.

2) Once you have your base fabric, remove all of the cushions (top & bottom) and proceed with the easiest step: unfold your fabric and place it over your couch base. Nothing should be showing and everything should easily be covered. If you want, you can lift the bottom of your couch and tuck the base fabric under if it’s too long.

3) After removing the cushions from the base of the couch, place them on top of the fabric and cut around them to fit well over the front and sides. I’m one of those people that eye everything and I have a kind of method to my madness, so if you prefer to measure and be exact, go ahead! Here is a photo of what it looked like for me…..


4) Once you are finished cutting – this part is the big shocker – you’re going to use jumbo sized SAFETY PINS. You think I sewed that fast? pffft. Depending on how much you care for your couch,  you can either pin the fabric to the cushion or you can pin the fabric together at the corners to avoid making pinholes in your couch cushions. Either way works just as well. I used a combination of both. For some of the hard to get areas, smaller safety pins work a little better than the jumbo size. Aside from not wanting to sew, I wanted the covers to be removable so I could clean them as often as I like –  this method suited my needs well.

5) Pin pin pin, nice and tight, re-pin if you notice too many pulls. Use your judgement and creative eye. Make sure nothing is sticking out, and all the pins are laying flat. Place all of your cushions back onto the base of your couch! Aaaanddd you’re done! Unfortunately, I was too busy pinning and cutting to photograph every step. At this point you can now run your eyes over everything and customize/make it your own, but the big part is over. Your couch is covered for a fraction of a fraction of the cost of slip covers or buying new, and you wasted zero time while mastering the art of safety pinning. I made it out with just thirty-five dollars spent and only one prick on my pointer finger. I’ve had company over since completing this project – the couch looks great, and I haven’t run into any problems functionally. I’ve been nothing other than extremely satisfied with the results.

Final note: If you try this out, please @ me/link me and show some love! Thank you to Emily for trying out the table posted earlier and mentioning me in your blog! Much appreciated. It looks awesome.



  1. Toni February 23, 2015

    I have to try this! Thank you 🙂

  2. Katlyn Lueders April 13, 2015

    Wow – what a simply amazing solution! This is exactly what I have been needing! So glad I came upon your blog today! :]

    • Beulah Ekkelenkamp April 15, 2015

      Hey Katlyn!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! Hope you’re doing well 🙂 If you try this, send me a photo!

  3. Rachel February 25, 2017

    Thanks for the tutorial! Do you have any more pictures? How did you get the armchairs tight without any safety pins showing? I have a medium yellow floral couch that it really clashing with my living room vibe, I just don’t want to invest much into it since I’ll be moving in the next six months or so. What would you recommend in terms of thickness/affordability? I reeallyb don’t want the floral to show through the material. Thanks xx

    • Beulah Ekkelenkamp March 16, 2017

      Hey Rachel!

      This post is over two years old, so I don’t have any photos, I don’t even live in this apartment anymore or own that couch! haha. I’ve never covered a floral couch, only this beige one so I can only help out as best to my knowledge, you know? maybe wrapping it with a thinner layer first would help! The arm chairs just draped over, I didn’t fit them. Hope that helps!


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