I love all types of swimwear, but I especially love a good one-piece. One-piece swim suits are classic. They never go out of style and can be sexy at any age, shape or size. I was in the locker room at my gym and noticed a woman in her about 60’s wearing a beautifully patterned and cut one piece and I couldn’t help but tell her how amazing she looked. The suit was flattering, age appropriate (for anyone really) and still sexy without being either trashy or fuddy-duddy! I noted to myself to mention her on this post, so there you have it! I’m going to share some personal shopping of my favorite one piece suits from $50 – 250 dollar price points, give you a few pointers on where to get them, and provide some one piece selection tips!onepiece

onepiece-10My first tip would be to check the back of the suit, I noticed a lot of suits have a high straight across back with basic straps. It’s really hard to find unique backs, I tried my best to find some for you guys!

onepiece-14onepiece-15 onepiece-16Here are some more selections. If you’re viewing from your phone, take notice of the right and left arrows to browse.

onepiece-2Depending on what type of coverage you want on your bum, be aware of the cut on the thigh and cheek area. For me (in my late 20’s) the solid bum coverage straight under my cheek is a little too much coverage for me, so I make sure to check for that right away. No use in trying it on and getting my hopes up, when clearly it’s lower than desired or vice versa. Marshall’s & TJ Maxx sell a lot of designer suits for  less than half of the cost from all different brands like Tommy Bahama & DKNY, so you’ll have to check each brand for their different cuts. I also examine the leg opening height. I like the thigh to be cut higher because it extends your leg, as a shorter one can, well, shorten the appearance of your leg! So pay attention to those cuts. If something is making you feel stunted/stout, that’s probably what is contributing to it. Nothing wrong with a little extra coverage though! I LOVE  this Nanette Lepore suit I’m wearing because the cut meets somewhere in the middle. So on point. It also has boning on the sides. It’s a top quality suit with a brilliant print.onepiece-11Some one piece suits have loose fabric on the stomach area that’s ruched. This could be nice for someone trying to hide bumps and lumps but most of the time, it looks more like a maternity bathing suit by adding that extra piece of fabric. if you want some extra tummy coverage, choose a dark colour like a black or navy, and a suit made from good quality fabric that fits snug and doesn’t shift around. There are also some one pieces that have a wrap appeal to them that is really flattering to the stomach region. onepiece-12Big busted? Perfect! One, you’re blessed. Two, one pieces will hold the girls in and flatter their shape.  Many of the women in my family aren’t lacking in chest size and wear one pieces, and they always look amazing and classy. One last thing! Lets talk practicality. Swimming, family get together, water parks, a pool party atmosphere. One pieces are my  go-to for those kind of events. However, I love love love a good bikini 😉 Note: most tube top one pieces including this Nanette Lepore one include an attachable strap.However, I love love love a good bikini 😉

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  1. Sally Blumenthal May 3, 2015

    Hey! Thanks so much for sharing this. Recently, I have been wanting to dress more modestly and I really want to get a Nanette Lepore one piece. What size are you wearing here? Also- I have been addicted to your blog. How can I promote it? I also tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and it is AMAZING. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

    • Beulah Ekkelenkamp May 4, 2015

      Hey Sally! You’re awesome. Thank you for the kind words 🙂 The size I’m wearing in this photo is a 2 which was tighttt when I first put it on but it needs to be that way to stay up and be form flattering. Once it’s on and passed your butt, things get more cozy! I’m SO happy you are liking the stuff I’m recommending! That’s why I started this blog, so the feedback is awesome to hear. Let me know if you wind up buying a new suit! I want to see! I guess one would share on facebook, right? I can’t think of a better platform, haha. The link is Thank you, Sally!


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