West Coast Trail

Thoughts and experience on the West Coast Trail to be shared! I’m going to talk about my experience and what I packed, for any of those ladies who are planning on a multi-day hike! Tips & pictures coming up! For now, here is a video that does not do the beauty of the trail much justice. Out of the 75 kilometers this is a mere peek with the most beautiful sights not included.

Punta Cana!

Hello dear readers of this blog! I won’t say I’ve been away a while because this is just becoming the norm, right? I have so much I want to blog about but the days just get away from me. The entire month of May my husband and I were away for work (Wilhelmina Weddings). We traveled from Florida to Alberta (Houston for a DAY) to the Dominican Republic & New York. We are finally settling into normal life… for now.

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I love all types of swimwear, but I especially love a good one-piece. One-piece swim suits are classic. They never go out of style and can be sexy at any age, shape or size. I was in the locker room at my gym and noticed a woman in her about 60’s wearing a beautifully patterned and cut one piece and I couldn’t help but tell her how amazing she looked. The suit was flattering, age appropriate (for anyone really) and still sexy without being either trashy or fuddy-duddy! I noted to myself to mention her on this post, so there you have it! I’m going to share some personal shopping of my favorite one piece suits from $50 – 250 dollar price points, give you a few pointers on where to get them, and provide some one piece selection tips!onepiece

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Wedding Part Two!

ekkelenkamps-27Happy almost Valentines Day! I saved this post just for that 🙂 Being that my husband and I are both photographers and it’s the main reason why we started up a conversation in the first place, we had discussed photographing one another  on our wedding day. The images of me were taken by Alex and the images of Alex were taken by me! I’m glad we followed through with it. Thanks to my best friend Sara for helping me get ready and move my dress around! Love you! Although blogging makes it easy to share photos with family and friends, I’m not simply posting these photos for posting sake! I wanted to talk about a few tips and tricks I used on my wedding day that could possibly help someone else planning their big day. I realize that I’m doing this a bit backwards, so for reference, check out my first wedding post for visuals >>here<< I’ll be writing throughout this post.

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Key West, work & play but mostly work.

KEYSMy husband and I were in Key West this weekend to shoot a wedding (Wilhelmina Weddings), and the rehearsal dinner the night before. This is my second time to Key West and not my last. We have another wedding there coming up later in the year! It was, however, my husbands first time.  I have to admit that I wasn’t as impressed with Key West my first visit as I was this time around. I think it had to do with the weather, our schedule, but most of all the company. Happiness is certainly better shared.

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DAY EIGHT: Corners of my home, the tree house.

A few corners of our humble starter home. I’ll be uploading a few more pictures as I go. I’ve got just a few more projects to work on until  achieving completion design wise, but I appreciate it for what it is right now. I can’t quite capture the sun when it drenches the place and the cool breeze that fills each room (when it is actually cool outside.) We are surrounded by trees and when the wind blows all you see are branches moving outside the window and the occasional squirrel fight. Sunsets on the couch are my favorite. It’s not perfect but it’s ours.

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Day SEVEN: Photography, questions answered.

37ROMINA 60ROMINAGoodness this ten day challenge of mine has been difficult. I even fell back a day! I have to catch up now because I’m behind a day. Moving back to once a week after this will be nice 🙂 There honestly have been moments I wanted to quit but thankfully I’ve got encouragement in the form of a husband telling me to keep going and also from readers who have been giving me positive feedback. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me, especially right now since I’m picking up the pace and really going for it. Thank you all so much for the kind words encouraging me to press on.

I’ve gathered up the given questions from both Instagram and Facebook and am going to copy them all here and answer accordingly! If you have a question that you do not see answered here, leave a comment and I will be more than happy to add it to this list when I get the chance! Lets begin..

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DAY SIX: Fashion

Daysix-6Just blogging about a little fashion, what else is new? Being a lady never goes out of style, so if you dress like one, I don’t think you’ll ever find yourself looking back at old photos thinking “What on earth was I wearing?” I definitely enjoy the excitement of a new trend, how fresh and fun you can feel following it and seeing women look amazing when they really pull them off. However, I will always love and favor a simple classic style in every way – dressy, casual, edgy, girly.

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DAY FIVE: Fitness Pt 2

It’s Day five, Part two of Fitness and I’m going to just jump right in… My husband, Alex, downloaded and tried several different workout tracking apps, but settled on Gym Genius as his favorite, and I’ve now adopted it as well. It’s an incredibly useful app, with several different functions, and a very clean and streamlined design. It has the ability to set and track goals (both in body weight, and body fat percentage) and visualizes them in an easy to read graph as you progress. You can enter several different work out plans, for the different days at the gym, and add and subtract exercises on the fly. With a few simple taps, you can see your progression in any given exercise. Sets and reps can be changed to suit your needs, and weight values entered down to 1/4lb increments. You can track your cardio as well, but other apps seem to do this better. Overall though, I’m a big fan of this app, and it’s ability to track my weight lifting routines! I currently have two workouts stored that I use every other day. I do an upper & lower body split one each day, so each gets a rest in-between. I don’t do crazy amounts of cardio other than a 5-10 minute warm up on the elliptical.  If you’re going to start a routine similar as a base, you’ll have to customize and add as much cardio as you wish! I prefer to get my blood pumping in the fresh air, doing some sort of daily outdoor activity.day 5

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