DAY THREE: Beauty! Products worth blogging for.

Day3Before beginning this post, I wanted to stress that above using beauty products, drinking WATER is key. There’s no use applying fancy make-up on dry skin & lips. If you want to use less make-up and have it appear more natural, let water be your base. I found I’m able to drink a lot more than normal after purchasing a pretty bottle (yeah so, I’m a girl.) It helps you keep track of how much you’re consuming, and just makes you overall more aware in regards to hydration. I’m going to jump right in and discuss all of the products in the above photograph and write about why I think they are worth sharing!

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St. Croix USVI


Now that the wedding and various other life events have passed, I thought this was the perfect time to write about my experience in St. Croix. My husband and I honeymooned on this underrated Caribbean island, following our wedding in November. We stayed for 10 days at two different locations on the island. I blogged our honeymoon video a while back, here.

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No-sew couch cover.

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Hello! Some of you have requested info about the couch covers I’ve been talking about and posting photos of on my instagram. I’m going to answer your questions about it here in this blog post! I found an amazing amazing deal on my current couch that I couldn’t pass up. The down side was that I had truly wanted a light gray or white couch and this one was beeeeeeiiiiiiggeeeeeee. I figured it was neutral so how bad can it be? Well, awful! I hadn’t set out to fill my home with such warm tones, but seeing as the couch was such a massive focal point I felt I had to move in that direction if the decor were to make any sense. Stuff like this can and will drive me crazy; I’m not sure if anyone else out there shares this struggle, but if you are and you’re reading this, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Anyhow! About a week ago I started cutting the warm tones in my house and it helped a little, but still, there it lie – THE BEIGE COUCH, staring at me, bold, fluffy and just THERE. The wheels were turning in my mind for days. The best I could come up with was buying a big linen table cloth to throw over the couch so I purchased fabric online. I thought it could actually look really nice – an organic, draped, linen look. It was difficult to imagine so I crossed my metaphorical fingers and hoped for a styled look rather than a cheap wannabe look. I’m not sure how that story would have ended because my plan changed and I never experimented with simply draping it. While laying in bed one night, I thought of a different way to cover the cushions, making the couch look much more legit. Here’s how:

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Table re-vamp, New head-board.


(Note: Pillow covers are sewn with purchased fabric. I will be blogging on that soon as well!)


Table talk! I’m jumping right in! – I purchased a table (see below for the before pictures) at target, for a type of cheap, quick fix for our kitchen area. The online colour description read it to be a “deep tobacco,” and the wood in the image also appeared to be slightly rough looking. The table arrived and lo and behold it was cherry stained and glossy, which are two big no-no’s for me, personally. I’m not a huge fan of warm colours and warm hues/tones. I just can’t deal with em! I wasn’t in the  spend-300-to-500-dollars-on-a-kitchen-table mood, so I thought “hm, maybe I’ll just drill some new wood to the top.”  In a nut-shell that’s it, but I can tell you in a little more detail about the process. Thank you to my amazing fiance for constantly supporting my abrupt, need-to-do-now projects and for helping me create things quicker and more functional. Your skills are appreciated, love.

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Wedding DIY

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.13.07 PM

I never thought I would be partaking in very much DIY for my wedding. I personally think that in the long run you wind up spending the same amount of money (if not more after messing up a project the first, second or even third time) and I believe a bride should be able to relax before her big day to take in the moment & enjoy being engaged. However, I just could NOT find certain things I needed in specific colours. Alas, the inevitable. I give you a small glimpse of just a couple things I’ve done and some info including pictures.

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