Punta Cana!

Hello dear readers of this blog! I won’t say I’ve been away a while because this is just becoming the norm, right? I have so much I want to blog about but the days just get away from me. The entire month of May my husband and I were away for work (Wilhelmina Weddings). We traveled from Florida to Alberta (Houston for a DAY) to the Dominican Republic & New York. We are finally settling into normal life… for now.

While visiting the Dominican Republic we stayed at the Royalton in Punta Cana. Post trip I was going to blog about caring and controlling your hair in a humid climate because it’s something I have to work with daily living here in Florida. Well, it was pretty humid in Punta Cana as well, so I’m going to wrap this post into two. I’ll talk hair and then post some photos and details about my stay in Punta Cana.With each beauty post, I constantly feel like I want to make a video for you guys to really SHOW you how to do what I’m suggesting. I will try my best to be extremely descriptive. As always, leave a question and I will answer!

What a PAIN in the BUTT it is to maintain curly hair in this weather. It has honestly been the worst part of moving for me. I never had to think of my hair THIS much back home in NY. Maybe a little, but not every glance in the mirror thinking “oh boy, the puff ball has expanded”. Before Punta Cana, my husband and I spent ten days in Edmonton, AB. The humidity was ZILCH and my hair…get this – was actually SHINY. I kid you not. I look forward to spending a month back in Canada come this August.

So listen up! You will need a Wet Brush to easily de-tangle your wet strands before air drying your hair. I 98% of the time air dry my hair. Blow drying it seems to make it frizz more being that heat opens the hair cuticle. Another tip would be to rinse your hair with cold water to close the cuticle . You can apply this method on dry styled hair or natural air dried.N&BSpray your hair with a good heat protectant if you’re going to style your hair and the magic ingredient: COCONUT OIL!!!! In the photos I posted here, it was the first time trying the method I’m sharing with you guys. This one specific image above was a from a photo shoot that took place in Melbourne, across from the beach (wet air). We were out the entire day and my hair stayed this way the whole day. I couldn’t believe it!

With dry hair – yes DRY. I styled my hair with the curling iron back and forth after spraying a heat protectant. When finished I rubbed coconut oil on my hands and (IMPORTANT) had a junk towel nearby to I pat off the excess coconut oil before putting it in my hair. The whole thing is HOW you put the oil in your hair and HOW much you put in. Do NOT oil slick your hair. Apply a very small evenly distributed amount to your hair and NEVER above the ears otherwise your hair will fall flat. Once I have the oil on my hands I pat it all over every area evenly, pat my hands off AGAIN after the first time and lightly comb my fingers through. If your hair feels greasy after this, know that you are doing it wrong. Do not clump pieces together, the idea is to feather it in gently and have your hair still airy and full (as seen in photo). It’s not to accomplish a gel or wet look. You see now why I had the urge to make a video?

My hair was nice for days after, not greasy and easy to de-tangle. If you’re going to buy coconut oil, buy a good brand. Here is the one I buy. It’s virgin/organic coconut oil. Coconut oil has many benefits and there are many uses for it. I use it on my skin, cooking and my hair. It smells delicious. The consistency changes from solid to liquid depending on the temperature. This shouldn’t be a problem when styling your hair. If the oil has turned solid, just warm it up between your hands.

Some more tips for curly/frizzy hair:

Never towel dry. The friction is bad for your hair and curl.

Don’t use hair spray in your natural curls.

Rinse your hair with cold water before ending your shower.

Don’t apply product to your root. Only dab onto frizzies if needed.

Don’t use hair bands! They will snap and break your fragile curls! Use clips.

Wash your hair only two to three times a week.

Don’t over process your hair. Avoid Chemical treatments as much as possible.

Sleep with a satin pillow case to prevent hair breakage.

Do a deep conditioning hair mask once a month. Curly hair lacks moisture. If you fill the hair cuticle with moisture then it will suck up less of the outside moisture.

Do not brush your hair dry. Use the Wet Brush Gently or a wide tooth comb.

Always use a heat protectant spray when using hot tools.

Air dry your hair.I wore one of my B.Swim Bikini’s for most of the trip. I loved how easy it is to wear with the option for criss-cross tie back and option to have scrunched or full bottoms. Their suits are quality,  they have fun and innovative designs allowing you to change the style of suit slightly.  The bottom and top I’m wearing can be found here. Check them out! The “rural”  ride to the resort always fascinates me and disturbs me all at the same time, but I won’t get into the politics of it. Every local was extremely friendly. We stayed at the Royalton, it was the first time I’ve stayed anywhere all inclusive and let me just say – I regret not doing this for our honeymoon! If you TRULY want to relax and you’re taking the time off specifically to do so, GO ALL INCLUSIVE. Sheesh, nothing was on my mind but eating, how beautiful the scenery was and photographing Julie & Igors wedding. The Royalton was really open, pristine and beautiful. The staff was really pleasant. The food was good enough. They had a really nice gym and coffee shop available (with ice cream!) really beautiful pools and beach accesses. There was a hamburger/hotdog stand. I’m going to say that was one of my favorite meals there, simply because you can take your plate over to your shaded seat on the beach. The ocean in the Dominican Republic was BEAUTIFUL. It was different than St. Croix. Really deep blues and turquoise. St. Criox was more straight crystal clear light blues. However, Rainbow beach (on the south end of St. Croix) remains my favorite beach of all time (so far). The sand is super soft and bright and the ocean has just a tiny bit of green seaweed. Speaking of water, if you are going to Dominican Republic, do not drink the water! Always use bottled water in your hotel. Close your mouth in the shower and don’t have TOO many iced drinks. I had a bunch of iced drinks and on the last day felt a TINY bit of a stomach ache but nothing serious, thank you God. I’ve heard horror stories. Make sure to take probiotics before traveling to other countries with unfamiliar bacteria and less than ideal sanitation. Other than that my husband and I were both super careful of our water source. The water in the hotel after a shower can get a little stinky which is kind of gross but the staff in the Royalton was on top of everything and came to service the room pretty often. I would definitely go back again and my husband shares the same sentiments. We were sad to go. We met so many amazing friends and family of the bride and groom and had such a great time!

P.S I tried out Snapchat on our Punta Cana trip. It was fun but I was sad to see our snaps disappear! Good thing I saved them all and made this collage to have it last forever. Be prepared to turn your head & phone sideways. If you’re on there, add me! My username is alexandbeulah. I only upload during work or travel to keep things interesting so I might go absent from time to time. I didn’t feel like taking pictures with my “real” camera being that was what we were there doing for work and decided to give it a rest. So I apologize for the lack of professional images!

Music! This song is not better than the original, but I love this remake so much!

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