Slippa // Ohana

I love sharing things that I enjoy and things that add value/enjoyment to my life. It sounds silly saying that about a beach towel, but beautiful and pretty little things add an abundant amount of joy to my life. Probably because I’m a visual person, but the most simple thing can give me that full satisfied and grateful feeling. I love the beach, especially on the west coast of Florida, the right beach accessories are just a cherry on the cake. I reached out to Slippa because I wanted to write about their awesome towels after purchasing my first one. I had been wanting a round beach towel and my options were A) Spending over $100 on a beach towel, or settling for a low quality version with a less than great print that doesn’t actually function like a good beach towel. But then there was Slippa! I came across Slippa on Instagram and tried their towels out. I have the Ohana and the Lotus, which are two of my favorite designs by them. I have one for me and one for my hubby. They are high quality and absorb water so you can dry off or use them as a blanket to lay on. I’ve raved about them to a few friends and they are slow to believe that the quality is so good, thinking that a quality towel couldn’t cost this little, but it’s true! Great quality and only $50-$60. You’ll own it for a long time. Hopefully, instead of telling each of my friends, you can all read this here and enjoy a beautiful round beach towel as much as I have, ha! Check their towels out here: Slippa

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