Table re-vamp, New head-board.


(Note: Pillow covers are sewn with purchased fabric. I will be blogging on that soon as well!)


Table talk! I’m jumping right in! – I purchased a table (see below for the before pictures) at target, for a type of cheap, quick fix for our kitchen area. The online colour description read it to be a “deep tobacco,” and the wood in the image also appeared to be slightly rough looking. The table arrived and lo and behold it was cherry stained and glossy, which are two big no-no’s for me, personally. I’m not a huge fan of warm colours and warm hues/tones. I just can’t deal with em! I wasn’t in the  spend-300-to-500-dollars-on-a-kitchen-table mood, so I thought “hm, maybe I’ll just drill some new wood to the top.”  In a nut-shell that’s it, but I can tell you in a little more detail about the process. Thank you to my amazing fiance for constantly supporting my abrupt, need-to-do-now projects and for helping me create things quicker and more functional. Your skills are appreciated, love.



My fiance and I took a trip to Home Depot to purchased some wood. We first measured and had our wood cut according to our table to size. We examined each piece before purchasing to see how bowed and thick each was. The nice thing is, you can have your wood cut for you at Home Depot before the checkout and that’s one to-do off of your list. This is also especially helpful if you live in an apartment with limited storage, and don’t have a saw in your closet. We, sanded each piece of wood on each side with a hand sander. After that, I stained each piece of wood then allowed a day for the stain to dry. Depending on how rich you want the colour, you may want to apply a second coat. I wound up doing that a couple days after because it seemed once the wood drank up the stain and dried, it appeared a couple shades lighter. While the stain was drying I painted the base of the table white while Alex finished up the sanding. I had to apply three coats in order for it to be completely solid and bright. After the stain and paint were all dry Alex measured and drilled the wood slats directly onto the top of the table and into it, using clamps to hold each board in place. After that we gave it a clear lacquer for functionality, let it dry over night and voila! The table was finished. All of that for under $40. I had extra paint and I happened to have stain as well, so it might cost you a bit more if you have zero supplies or tools on hand, but I can’t imagine anyone spending over $80. It helps to borrow tools that you may not have and utilize things that you already DO have. Putting use to that little bit of paint left over from painting my place brought me great joy, haha. I hate waste! Be careful coming near me, I might just paint you white, I have some left.




I SHOULD mention that I purchased new chairs, but I sold the old ones on Craigslist even-stevens. I know this post wasn’t insanely descriptive, but if you have any questions and are thinking about trying out a table of your own, leave a comment, I’d be happy to help. This has been one of the best DIY moves I’ve made that I have felt greatly satisfied after. The end result looks like such quality and I wasn’t left feeling wasteful or like I could have just paid to have it done the way I wanted. I feel like I cheated the system and now have a beautiful table that looks like a million bucks!

We also went ahead and created a simple head board for around $55 dollars. Alex measured and purchased wood, then sanded and put it together, while I finished it off with coat of stain. This took us a day to accomplish, but 90% of that was drying time.

You will need: Wood, stain, lacquer, clamps, screws, electric drill, paint, hand sander, tarp or work space, paint brush, lacquer brush.


  1. Brianna October 24, 2014

    Can you please stop being so talented? It’s insane. I am so in love with your table and headboard. Great job Beu! <3

  2. Sarah S November 4, 2014

    I understand how you did it with the table, but how did you do it with the headboard?

    • goldmorningblog January 17, 2015

      Hey Sarah, just now seeing this comment! Sorry. Shoot me an email 🙂

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  4. Sara Gibson January 29, 2015

    WOW! That’s my kind of table! You’re amazing!!

  5. Toni February 23, 2015

    Hey girl! Love your blog. I definitely need to try more DIY projects. You’ve inspired me so much!

    • Beulah Ekkelenkamp February 23, 2015

      Thank you!!! So sweet. Thanks so much for viewing my blog and I’m glad it inspires you! Mission accomplished 🙂

  6. Makenna October 19, 2015

    I would love to get more information on how you did the headboard and what wood you used! It turned out amazing!


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