Kristene DiMarco + Stephanie Soh + Goldmorning

Stephanie Soh-5449I didn’t discover Kristene’s beautiful vocal chords until a few weeks ago when I saw her live. I stood next to my husband as we both agreed on what a rich beautiful voice she has. The song “Take Courage” spoke directly into our lives at that moment in time. I have heard it in my mind daily since. “He is in the waiting”. I couldn’t need that statement in my mind more right now.

Turns out, not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she has great style, a beautiful home, and a beautiful family. (See her instagram: @kristenedimarco) I love these photos her good friend Stephanie Soh took of her in her Goldmorning gear. Stephanie is such a talented photographer, and you can see more of her work here: Stephanie Soh, and follow her on Instagram here: @stephstephsoh Thank you for these beautiful images Steph! and for being so kind.

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Key West, work & play but mostly work.

KEYSMy husband and I were in Key West this weekend to shoot a wedding (Wilhelmina Weddings), and the rehearsal dinner the night before. This is my second time to Key West and not my last. We have another wedding there coming up later in the year! It was, however, my husbands first time.  I have to admit that I wasn’t as impressed with Key West my first visit as I was this time around. I think it had to do with the weather, our schedule, but most of all the company. Happiness is certainly better shared.

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DAY EIGHT: Corners of my home, the tree house.

A few corners of our humble starter home. I’ll be uploading a few more pictures as I go. I’ve got just a few more projects to work on until  achieving completion design wise, but I appreciate it for what it is right now. I can’t quite capture the sun when it drenches the place and the cool breeze that fills each room (when it is actually cool outside.) We are surrounded by trees and when the wind blows all you see are branches moving outside the window and the occasional squirrel fight. Sunsets on the couch are my favorite. It’s not perfect but it’s ours.

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DAY SIX: Fashion

Daysix-6Just blogging about a little fashion, what else is new? Being a lady never goes out of style, so if you dress like one, I don’t think you’ll ever find yourself looking back at old photos thinking “What on earth was I wearing?” I definitely enjoy the excitement of a new trend, how fresh and fun you can feel following it and seeing women look amazing when they really pull them off. However, I will always love and favor a simple classic style in every way – dressy, casual, edgy, girly.

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DAY THREE: Beauty! Products worth blogging for.

Day3Before beginning this post, I wanted to stress that above using beauty products, drinking WATER is key. There’s no use applying fancy make-up on dry skin & lips. If you want to use less make-up and have it appear more natural, let water be your base. I found I’m able to drink a lot more than normal after purchasing a pretty bottle (yeah so, I’m a girl.) It helps you keep track of how much you’re consuming, and just makes you overall more aware in regards to hydration. I’m going to jump right in and discuss all of the products in the above photograph and write about why I think they are worth sharing!

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St. Croix USVI


Now that the wedding and various other life events have passed, I thought this was the perfect time to write about my experience in St. Croix. My husband and I honeymooned on this underrated Caribbean island, following our wedding in November. We stayed for 10 days at two different locations on the island. I blogged our honeymoon video a while back, here.

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