the impossibly easy five strand braided, braid.

Four weeks ago on instagram I posted the photo below of a five strand (individually braided), braid explaining how easy it was. I was told it looked impossible, but I promise it is so simple, anyone can do it. If you try it for yourself, take a photo, post it and ttag me, I’d love to see it!


Step one:

I have curly hair that tangles easily. I’m quite sure that braids are 3x more difficult for us (LONG) curly headed girls because while you’re braiding the top of your hair, a giant knot is forming at the bottom! So it is really important that you comb your hair well before tackling this particular braid. I often find myself combing my hair while braiding because there is just no keeping it untangled no matter how much I comb. (Side note: I use a wide-tooth comb to prevent hair breakage.)

Step two:

(Thank you to my best friend Sara for being my beautiful blonde hair model.)

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After combing thoroughly, apply product if need be (for your hair type) Once again my hair is curly and more ‘thirsty’ than the norm, so for that I use Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax, Anti-Humidite to give it a little more shine and moisture being I’m okay in the texture zone. This product works wonders on my hair type.

Step three:

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Divide your hair into five sections. In this photo I have two sections of Sara’s hair pulled to the front of her shoulders that you’re unable to see in the above photo. Use a single hair tie on the middle section to keep them from joining back together. I would normally do this braid to the side of my head but to make it easier for viewers to see I started it in the back of her head.

Step four:

Braid sections into either regular or dutch style braids.

Step five:

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“Over under, over under” It really helps if you recite this to yourself while braiding. Especially if you are doing the five-strand braid with loose hair. You’ll then take the outside braids one at a time and cross them OVER the braid NEXT to it but then UNDER the middle piece. Repeat this action until you can’t go any further with an even amount of braided hair, then wrap the hair elastic around the tail. Remember don’t start on both sides at the same time, go from left to right, then left to right and repeat.

Step six:

This step is so important! Pulling out the side of your braid will make your braid look full and thick I do this on every braid. Lightly tug on the sides pulling the hair out until it loops more. You have to be slightly delicate when practicing this step because you don’t want to ruin your braid in the process, so be strategic and keep your eye on the rest of the braid while your pulling. You may have to gain slack in other areas and then evenly distribute the then loose hair.

There you have it! All it is, is an easier way to go about the five-strand braid. The five strand braid is one of my favorite braids yet also one of the more difficult  I’ve tried because of how many pieces you have to control. I wanted to try it in individual braids assuming it would be easier having the sections of hair contained. It wasn’t only easier but it looked more intricate and complicated. That’s all the braid talk for tonight, if you would like to see something else up here let me know!

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  1. Sara Gibson January 29, 2015

    That looks awesome! Now I almost miss having long hair. . .


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